IPhone, rated one of the top 10 smartphones around the world. On average, Apple sales nearly 34,000 iPhones every hour and in 2011 approximately 72 million iPhones were sold. Due to all the hype over these phones, wouldn’t it be wise to keep your phone in tip top condition? Want to keep your iphone 6s protected while showing off the rose gold? Need a case that’s lightweight, yet heavy duty? Tired of spending money on overpriced phone cases that don’t seem to last? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Clear Speck Iphone 6s Case is the right case for you!

Appearance is one important key factor when choosing a phone. The Clear Speck Iphone 6s Case helps to show off the art that went into making the 6s. Let’s face it, this is not your typical looking phone. Apple created this phone with 7000 series aluminum and it’s even available in a classy rose gold finish. That’s real gold! What other case would allow you to flaunt all the latest designs of your iphone 6s?

The less bulky the better. Most cases add a lot of unnecessary weight to your phone than needed. The Clear Speck Iphone 6s Case is snug-fit and lightweight! This sleek case will allow you to have all the protection without risking the damage.

“You get what you pay for,” society screams. That statement is very true in most circumstances, but the Clear Speck IPhone 6s Case gives you all the features of a more expensive case for a price that’s affordable to you. Most higher end cases are hard, which makes it more likely for the phone to be dropped frequently. This case soft and rubbery on the inside which makes it hard for it to slip out of your hand. Protection at it’s finest!

The Clear Speck Iphone 6s Case has proven to be one of the best cases by far. It’s budget friendly and allows you to flaunt your phone the safe way.