Driving in a car is made more enjoyable with a modern audio system. Clarion is a top brand that offers a variety of stereo systems for passenger and commercial vehicles. This company manufacturers relatively simple audio systems that are compatible with the latest digital technology such as Bluetooth. When it comes to syncing a car’s multimedia console with a smartphone, Bluetooth makes such a task very easy. The most useful feature of Bluetooth is the hands-free handling of phone calls. Additionally, a Clarion car stereo allows drivers to sync compatible smartphones and tablets in order to access mobile apps including Pandora, an Internet-based radio. Speaking of radio, traditional Am and FM channels can also be streamed on audio systems that are made by this brand.

Some of the most advanced stereo systems for cars have slots for multiple CDs. Such a feature eliminates the hassle of shuffling through CDs and making individual changes. USB ports and auxiliary inputs are also important features of a modern car audio system. Some devices that can be hooked to a car’s USB port include MP3 players, smartphones, tablets and even flash drives. An auxiliary hub also makes it easy to connect select audio devices including MP3 players like the popular iPods by Apple.

A Clarion car stereo can be controlled with a modern round dial as well as some push buttons. Some of the premium stereo models have voice-activated controls that allow drivers to remain focused on the road instead of the dashboard and central console. When a sound system is installed in a vehicle, it’s important to understand the wiring specifications. Some stereos can easily overload the electrical system of a car and lead to fire outbreaks. The appropriate circuit breakers have to be set up when car stereos are installed. The output voltage and total power rating have to be considered for a sound system that has multiple speakers installed inside a car cabin. A Clarion car stereo allows you to enjoy your favorite music via radio and other external mobile devices.