A keychain does not simply hold your keys, it can also be a statement. It can be an addition to your fashion ensemble, an expression of love or support to a certain fandom or sports team or a way to show off part of your personality. With a keychain, keys can be quickly and conveniently found – as keychains can be strapped to a bag, clipped to pants, and even worn like a bracelet.

Most keychains have adorable neutral designs, while some fall on the functional side. For instance, some keychains are also mini-flashlights and some are useful in case of trouble – an alarm you can set off, little pepper spray cans and a punch knife.

Keychains are great souvenirs for travelers as well. Also great gift ideas, they can remind a person that you care. Some keychains can carry tiny photos – a way to bring a part of your loved one with you wherever you are. Many keychains are cute and fun – they can light up a dull day with just one look – like Claire’s keychains.

For the chic and stylish, Claire’s features a Bling Crown Cellphone Keychain, which also functions as a lip gloss. This keychain does not only have one gloss shade, it has an assortment of shiny lip glosses and the antenna is a lip brush. It even has a small mirror. Claire’s also offers a Fuzzy Owl Keychain with a mini clear glitter lip gloss.

For a bit of a laugh, Claire’s has a Rubber Duck Keychain with a popping tongue. If you prefer a goofy design, then this keychain is perfect for you – a cute duck with an orange bill and feet, large eyes, and a tongue that pops out once the duck is squeezed. If you want something simple and cute, Claire’s has Fuzzy Baby Critters in a set of five – cat, dog, bunny, duck and mouse.

Cute and convenient, Claire’s keychains help you store your keys and brighten your day. These keychains can hold the key to your house, office, and car and to an instant smile.