Whether you are a business owner or are interested in a career in security, you know how important it is to keep your documents and place of business safe and secure. Using a variety of devices and technical know-how, you can keep your belongings or documents protected.

Providing security for your business requires a variety of measures, including an electronic home security system and locks for your doors, windows and other modes of entry into your buildings and property. This may include smart card locks, keyed locks and combination locks. For added security, you can add cipher locks like the Schlage FE595 PLY 626 ELA Plymouth keypad entry cipher lock.

Unlike other locks, cipher locks are not true locks. They are opened with a programmable keyboard operated with a combination of numbered buttons. Cipher locks are different in that they are used to limit intrusions, control access and eliminate unescorted entry into specific areas, whereas a keyed lock simply maintains physical security. They are commonly used to control access in financial institutions, corporate offices, research laboratories, embassies and storage areas holding controlled substances or firearms.

Likewise, the Lion Pro-Line heavy-duty automatic numbering machine provides security for your legal or confidential documents. It features a drop-cipher, and is great for identifying documents with a ticket stamp, inspection stamp, serial number stamp, date and number stamp and document identification. It is used extensively in document-heavy industries such as doctor’s and therapist’s offices.

If you are interested in an IT or security professional career in the security field, you will need to pass the SY0-401 exam to validate foundation-level knowledge and skills. With the CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead SY0-401 Study Guide, you’ll be able to pass the exam the first time you take it. In addition, the guide will lay a foundation of security knowledge to allow you pursue other advanced security certifications.

Learning how to keep your business premises and documentation secure while limiting access and chain of command will provide your company with peace of mind.