Chrome apps are applications that can be added to the Google Chrome user interface. Google Chrome is not just a web browser, it is a user interface that can be used across tablets, laptops, desktop computers and smartphones. One thing that makes Google Chrome apps great is that you can usually use the same apps on all of your devices, and on any computer you login to. For users, this means that once you find a product you like, you can use it on all of your internet-surfing devices, and even on shared computers. For programmers, this means that you don’t have to write a different program for each OS. Chrome apps are great for both sides of business.

Types of Google Chrome apps

Some Chrome apps are games. The benefit to getting a Chrome app game, rather than using the Google Play Store, is that it will be available on all devices with Chrome. So there is no need to install your favorite games on each device separately.

Other Chrome apps are “extensions” of the web browser. To view these, simply click on the button with three bars, in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser. Then scroll over to “More tools” and select “Extensions.” This will open a new tab in your web browser that allows you to enable or disable Chrome apps. These apps enhance your web browsing experience. For example, you can have a dictionary app that provides a definition or translation into another language when you highlight a word. Extensions are great for improving productivity in the workplace.

Why use Chrome apps?

Versatility and access. Chrome apps can work on a variety of devices, and you can access them whenever and wherever you use Chrome. This means that you can use the same apps at home and in the workplace, or in computer labs across campus.