Cellphones. We live for them and we are rarely seen without them. A world wind of information at our fingertips, wherever and whenever we want it. The worst catastrophe in the world is when we see our power bar slipping down to below 10%, and it turns angry bright red. We frantically search our hand bags or comb far and wide within our house and come to the dire conclusion that we have in fact, lost our cell phone charger. Things couldn’t possibly get worse!

Well here we are searching on the computer for an affordable charger chord for IPhone 6, and we are overwhelmed by the amount of options we have. Where to start?

Well, the primary first step for selecting an appropriate cord for IPhone 6’s is to determine what you need is. Don’t like having to get up to get your phone from the wall charger? Buy an extension cord like charger such as the “iPhone 6 Cord, iPhone 5 Cord, Vlove® 1 PCS 10 ft (10 Feet) 8 Pin Lightning Cable Charging Cord”. Need something for the car? Buy a universal cord that can be used interchangeably between different plugs. Have multiple Apple products? Buy a multiple port adapter and several cords (such as “(4 Pack) [Apple MFI Certified] Lightning Charging Cable for iPhone 5 & 6”.. Ultimately, you can’t go any further in reviewing items, if you are not sure what type of cord you are looking for.

Once the cord’s purpose has been determined, customers should consider the ratings provided for the individual product or seller. Typically, ratings are out of 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). Anything below a 4 is treading uncertain territory. The other thing to contemplate with a product’s star rating is how many customer reviews were received for that product. A 4.5 star rating with 1,000 customer reviews would be considered more favorable (such as “AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable”) than a 5 star rating if there was only 1 customer review. Reading through customer reviews will also reveal the positives and/or setbacks for a particular item before purchasing.

After that, your only other concern is to determine how fast you need your cord in the shipping option section as you’re checking out. Well get going! You’ll be seeing that lovely power bar return to green in no time!