Being away from your native country whether it be for work or because you immigrated is an adventure. While most people find that they fall in love with the things in their new country, sometimes it’s comforting to have a little piece of home close by. For some people a radio station or a local newspaper is a great way to stay in touch with a person’s homeland. In this age of apps and internet though a more exciting option is to be able to stream television right from your home country and onto your smart device. 

China is a country rich in its’ own style of pop culture, music, and tradition. China is one of the countries where trends are cutting edge. One of the best ways to stay on top of trends is through television and with China live TV apps. With these you can stay up to date no matter what country you’re in. China Tv Live by Alpha Developers is a live streaming app that you can download for free and watch 55 channels of live Chinese TV. This app has an easy to use interface and features HD quality streaming to your streaming devices. 

Vego TV is another free app that lets you watch the most popular Chinese videos, from television shows, to opera, to musical concerts on your devices. HD quality and instant streaming are all part of the package. An eye catching tile interface lets you scan through the items available to watch. There are no subtitles on this china live tv app so if Chinese isn’t a language you speak, it may be difficult to tell what the selections are. 

The internet has made global connectivity so much easier. Even if you are on the other side of the globe and missing home or just curious about what another country is like, a great way to get a taste is through television and now you can bet there’s an app for that.