There aren’t many things more amusing to a youngster and his friends than using walkie talkies. Ever since the days of cans connected to strings, kids have loved finding ways to communicate with one another from a distance. Sure, we have cell phones now, and an alarming number of children do too, but you can keep the classic days of fun and adventure alive by giving your child a walkie talkie set that he can use with his friends. These can also come in handy for you if you need to keep in touch with your kid while he’s outside playing or roaming around the neighborhood.

If you’re just looking for a basic child walkie talkie set that you can use around your house or that your kids can take outside and use in the backyard, the Bellsouth T388 is ideal. They’re available in a bunch of different colors and can be used to communicate from one to two miles away. Similarly, the Kidzlane Durable Walie Talkies can be used from at least 2 miles away, and with only three channels they’re easy for kids to use. They’re also equipped with an LED indicator and clip on belt holder.

For a quality pair of walkie talkies that you or your child can use to communicate from a longer distance apart, the Uniden 16-Mile 22 Channel Two-Way Radio is what you need. A call tone will go off when someone is calling to talk, and a beep will sound when you’re done talking. You can also scan the channels to pick up other frequencies in the area. These are a great high quality, high tech child walkie talkie pair.

Keep track of your child without getting him a cell phone, or let him communicate with his best friend using a fun set of walkie talkies.