Parents and caregivers of small children know that a smartphone is a great tool for keeping kids entertained when you are waiting in lines at grocery stores or the doctor’s office. However, with that entertainment comes some risk as invariably little hands drop things and little mouths like to chew them. Using child proof phone cases for Galaxy Note2 models allow you to offer up your mobile device to your little one without worrying your device will get wet, dropped or otherwise damaged.

The Soft Rubber Phone Bags Silicone Case Cover from U-real is a popular option for child proof phone cases for Galaxy Note2 users. These vibrantly colored 3D cases are compatible with many devices and use soft, smooth to the touch silicone to protect your phone. You can get fun child friendly characters like the 3D Cartoon Monster Sulley Mike version, or cute pigs, rabbits, and chipmunks that appeal to children but still keep devices safe. Each case has at least two cute characters featured.

If you prefer a more grown up selection when choosing child proof phone cases for Galaxy Note2 consider the Travellor Series. Their N7100 Redpepper Case Cover is a 100 percent waterproof case designed specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The generic silicone gel touch screen case is a cover that is waterproof and can even be submersed in water up to two meters. This fully sealed case is designed to Military Standard MIL-STD 810_F-516 so will hold up to even the most rambunctious toddler.

Mobile devices can be expensive to replace, but are also essential to daily living. Use a quality designed child proof phone case such as these models for your Galaxy Note 2 and you can safely, and stylishly, entertain your child with your smartphone and protect your investment without worry.