Did you know there are still places in the world where people rely on wired Internet connections? There are even parts of the United States where locals still do not have WiFi connections. If you go to vacation in one of those cities, or you go there for work, you may want to take your own Internet connection with you in the form of the cheapest WiFi hotspot you can find.

The best and cheapest WiFi hotspot is one that lets you take the Internet with you. These small devices use satellites orbiting the sky to provide you with fast and reliable Internet service. The Grab n’ Go Mobile Hotspot from T-Mobile is one of the best. ZTE manufactures the hotspot, and T-Mobile provides the service. After paying a low price for the device, you can sign up for service. T-Mobile will charge you ever month until you cancel.

CradlePoint also offers a personal wireless hotspot that you can use to access the Internet on your computer, laptop or phone. You can even set up your own unique password to keep others from using your signal. It has a range of 150 feet, which lets you turn the device on inside and surf the web while outside in your yard or on your porch.

Some of the newest smartphones provide you with Internet access too. These phones function as both a phone and as the cheapest WiFi hotspot. You can set up tethering, which lets you connect your computer or another device to the Internet through your own phone. The Samsung Galaxy S5, which comes in both black and white, can act as a mobile hotspot. This phone is available from providers like Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. Make sure you check your contract to see if the company charges extra for this service or if your provider gives you limited download speeds.

Get on the Internet and surf the web anywhere you go with the cheapest WiFi hotspot around, which lets you connect your electronic devices to a little portable unit.