A laptop is a portable computer that is designed to have the combination of the desktop computer’s components and inputs, this includes the display, keyboard, pointing device, speakers, and so on. They are widely used for various purposes in education, work, or personal use.

In education, laptops are used to hone the computer skills of students. It is also used to make education fun for students. Students also use laptops to help with their school works and research. In work, most employees need to use their laptops to accomplish what they were hired to do. Writers, information technologists, office workers, and businessmen are a few examples of those who needs to use their laptops for work.

Laptops also have various advantages. Firstly, unlike desktop computers, laptops have portability as its advantage. This allows users to take their laptops in any place and use it. This advantage can also offer several other advantages like productivity, able to work immediately without delay, and easy Internet and local network access while mobile. Secondly, the size of laptops are smaller that desktop computers. This is an advantage for those living in small quarters or homes and to those who need to use the computer all the time. Third, laptops also consumes less power and several times more efficient in power that desktop computers. And lastly, in case of a black out or any kind of interruptions in power, laptops can still be used for several hours when it is fully charged.

Laptops come in different sizes and under different brands. Samsung, Apple Mac, and Asus are a few examples of famous brands of laptops. The largest screen size of a laptop is 17 inches

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