Sticky notes can be both fun and functional. They are a convenient and easy way to leave someone and important message. They can also be used for craft projects and even for leaving fun notes for your children. If you are shopping for cheap sticky notes, consider the following products and options to enhance your shopping experience.

Before purchasing your sticky notes, consider what their purpose will be. If they will be for work or college, you will want to stick with something plain, simple, and professional. The Post-it Notes 2 7/8 inch x 4 7/8 inch in Canary Yellow are simple and professional. They are the perfect size to keep you organized, whether at home, at school, or at the office.

However, if they are just for fun or for leaving notes for your kids you can get more creative and branch out a bit. The SUCK UK Animal Sticky Notes and Page Markers in Blue Bird, Pink Elephant, or Yellow Duck come in 2 packs of 100 sheets each. Each pack is a different size, giving more versatility to your purchase. These are a unique and memorable way to leave someone a note. The smaller set of sticky notes can also be perfect as page markers.

You can further reduce the price of cheap sticky notes by buying in bulk. Even though you may not use all of them for a while, you can get them much cheaper when you order greater quantities. The Post-It Canary Yellow Super Sticky Notes are sold in six pads per pack. Each pad has 90 ruled sheets and measures 4” x 4”. These cheap sticky notes have a stronger adhesive that holds on longer, so you can be assured that your note will get to who it needs to get to. They are great for sticking to computer monitors, office doors, walls, and other paper. The paper used to make these notes comes from forests that are well-managed and trees are replanted. The lines on the paper make for neater memos.

Purchase some of these cheap sticky notes today to make your professional life more convenient or your personal life more fun.