Polaroid revolutionized the camera industry when it released a camera that instantly produced finished pictures. Instead of waiting days for your film to come back from a local shop, you could take pictures and develop those images instantly from your camera. The company still makes a few cameras, and when you have one of those models, you can get the cheap Polaroid film you need from Amazon.

The PoGo was one of the last automatic cameras the company released in the United States. Like a similar model, this camera produced small pictures that were similar to those you might get in a photo booth. You can still get cheap Polaroid film that works with the PoGo online. This film prints out your images on an adhesive backing that functions as a sticker. Display all your favorite images around your home, on your desk or even in your locker.

Fujuifilm jumped into the world of instant pictures with a line of Instax cameras. These cameras work with film to produce quick photographs but also retains a copy of each image inside on a memory card. You can save those images to your computer and print out copies of your favorites. The Instax Mini 8 is a smaller camera that comes in fun colors like pink. Fujifilm also offers film for all those cameras that comes with up to 10 sheets per box.

You may also want to track down some cheap Polaroid film because you love the look of the Polaroid PIC-300. This is an instant camera that comes with a built-in flash and automatically develops film when you take a picture. You’ll also find printers from Fujifilm and other companies designed to work with your smartphone. These devices let you insert film, take pictures with your smartphone and see those images develop right in front of your eyes.

While some use their phones or expensive digital cameras to take photographs, you can capture important moments with an automatic camera that has its own built-in printer. Get cheap Polaroid film on Amazon that works with your camera.