If you own a smartphone, you know how important it is to keep it protected. However, sometimes, you might just want a minimal cover to put on it to show off the beauty of the device. Many phone covers, even those that are a bit more elaborately designed, can be purchased for quite cheap. Here are a few nice options that won’t break your bank account.

Blingy smartphone covers are hugely popular. A really nice one is available from Max Phone Accessories and is made for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is a handmade luxury designer bling 3D case that includes crystal embellishments in clear and blue. A blue wing adorns the upper right portion of the back of the phone and there is a diagonal design of smaller crystals running from the upper left to the middle right of the case. There are extra crystals spread out farther from one another throughout the middle and a partial circle of bling at the lower left-hand corner of the case. This blinged-out smartphone cover can be bought for an incredibly low price of $2.49.

Sometimes, you simply want a very thin and clear case for your smartphone to show off the beauty of the phone itself. i-coool has just such a case in its clear cover for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It provides a perfect fit that includes all of the appropriate cutouts for the buttons and ports of the phone. The case provides you with slip protection, making your iPhone grippier so that you have less of a chance of dropping it. There is also a slight lip around the front of the device. The case has a price tag of only $3.52.

Fans of popular culture certainly appreciate phone cases that include movie characters. If you enjoyed the movie Lilo and Stitch and have an iPhone 5c, Mystic Zone has the perfect TPU case for you. It includes an image of the cartoon characters that is colorful and absolutely adorable. The printed image has a coating of clear enamel to ensure that it won’t wear away over time, and there are cutouts for all the ports and buttons on the phone. Buy this phone cover for only $2.97.

These are great phone covers that come very cheap. They will give your smartphone a highly personalized look and provide a bit of added protection to it.