As technology advances, the cost of personal computers goes down. This is how the computer space has been for over a decade. Powerful new computers are released each year while older models are discounted. Fortunately, you can benefit by purchasing cheap PC computers. There is a large selection of cheap computers to choose from, and most of them will probably do more than you need them to.

A great example of a cheap but extremely powerful personal computer is the Dell GX620 SFF computer. Three years ago, you would’ve had to pay several hundred dollars for this computer. Now, you can get it for about $100. When browsing cheap PC computers, you should know that desktops will always be cheaper than laptops.

The main reason why laptops cost more money and deliver less computing performance than a comparable desktop computer is due to size. Laptop components must be very small, and it costs more money to shrink PC components. Another great example of a cheap PC is the Dell OptiPlex 745 Computer. It delivers enough performance for Microsoft Office, web browsing and basic computing needs, but you won’t get much more than that.

If you’re looking for something with slightly less processor speed, consider the Dell OptiPlex Desktop Computer. It has 1.6 GHz of processing power and delivers adequate memory and data storage. Before purchasing cheap PC computers, you should always consider how you’ll be using the computer.

If it’s for business purposes, such as web browsing and Microsoft Office, you don’t need a lot of processing power. If you plan to do graphic design or similar graphics-intensive activities, you’ll need to pick a computer that has more memory and graphics capabilities. You might also consider purchasing a cheaper computer and upgrading the graphics card.

Another important consideration to make is whether or not the computer is refurbished. In most cases, the risk associated with refurbished computers is not worth the tiny amount of money you’ll save. Cheap PC computers can deliver balanced performance at a price that is very affordable.