A good laptop can last you for years. There are many people who still use the same computers they bought for college years later on the job. You might find yourself shopping for a new model simply because you don’t like the way yours looks, but you can give your computer a fresh new look with some cheap laptop skins.

Cheap laptop skins are essentially large stickers that you place over the top of your computer. Most designs stick to the surface but peel away easily when you want to change the look. Me & My Big Ideas lets you tell the world that you are a Sooners fan with a set of removable laptop stickers that use the mascot and logo of the Oklahoma Sooners team. As the set comes with multiple stickers, you might even have a few leftover for decorating your car.

While skins protect your laptop case from scratches, you’ll also find skins designed for use on your keyboard. Case Star makes clear plastic skins that fit over the top of your keyboard and let you touch and use all the keys without crumbs and dusting getting inside. When choosing a keyboard skin, make sure that you buy one designed to fit your model number. Some companies make skins that will only work on certain Macbook Air models.

When you want more than just a skin, you need a cover that offers additional protection. The snap on cases for Macbooks from HDE fit 13 inch laptops and those of larger sizes. The cases are available in yellow, red and other colors and come with a matching keyboard skin. The anti-shock cases from GoldenStar are another alternative to cheap laptop skins. These cases, which come in zebra prints and other designs, let you slip your laptop inside a soft sleeve and keep it safe from dust and falls.

Customize your laptop with cheap laptop skins, or protect your investment with skins designed to fit over the keyboard and durable sleeves and cases in fun colors and unique prints.