Your iPod Touch 4th Generation can store thousands of songs, videos and photos. The WiFi gives you access to FaceTime, iMessage, the Newsstand and your social media accounts. You can protect your device without going broke by investing in cheap iPod Touch 4th Generation cases.

There are several scenarios in which you should use cheap iPod Touch 4th Generation cases. A cracked screen or broken buttons can be very frustrating. These accidents are usually caused by dropping or placing something on your device. Spilling your soda or dropping your device in a puddle can cause water damage. Place your device in the case when you are walking around, carrying it in your bag or pocket, eating or not using it at all.

The Hard Crystal Case Cover from New Wayzon is designed to snap on the back of your iPod Touch 4. It features openings for your camera lens and side buttons. The rubberized hard material protects your device from drops, bumps and dust. This case comes in the color black for a simple but stylish look.

The iPod Touch 4 cases from Belkin are designed to protect your phone from scratches and impact. Every case features is made with an easy-to-grip material with textured grooves and openings for the lens and buttons. Belkin carries three sets of cases to bring a little variety to your accessories. The sets include pink and purple, black and dark blue and gold and light blue.

You can find adorable iPod Touch 4 cases from the brand MagicSky. Every case is made from a soft silicone gel material to keep your device safe from bumps and drops. The cases feature an opening for the camera lens and buttons. The designs include the Yellow Minion, Hot Pink Monkey and Brown Monkey.

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for cheap iPod Touch 4th Generation cases. Decide if you want a rubberized hard case or a soft silicone case. How are you planning to carry your iPod Touch 4? It is easier to carry a thin case in your pocket. You may want to carry a bulky case in your bag. You also have to decide if you want a solid color or a character design.

You can find a good selection of iPod Touch 4th Generation cases on Amazon. The cases range from fun designs to simple colors. It will be easy to find a case that fits your style.