Nowadays, you’ll find many people wearing this popular accessory in public. In a time where devices including smartphones and tablets and entertainment apps like Netflix are closest to us on a daily basis, earbuds have become a staple item as opposed to the traditional “add-on” status it was first marketed as. So, how do you find cheap earbuds that are durable and produce good audio quality?

Know What Choices You Have

Oblivious to most consumers of cheap earbuds, there are three main types to choose from, namely earbuds, canalphones, and looping earphones. Each type is presented with its own design limitations and strengths as well as different price points that will strongly affect your final decision. Furthermore, one must understand that earbuds are very different from the much older headphones. The latter covers the entire ear of the user and is attached like a headband.

Sound Quality

One of the most important factors for comparing earbuds is the sound quality it can dish out. While earbuds are compact, they are quickly getting packed with new features and technologies. This is especially good for audiophiles who demand only the highest sound quality in earbuds.


Another key differentiator between a quality earbud vs a cheap one is how comfortable it is to wear it. It is not uncommon for a user to wear their earbuds for more than two hours at a time. If the cuffs are too small, it could end up falling from your ear frequently. Meanwhile, cheap earbuds shaped too roughly can be irritating to wear for more than a few minutes.


It is common for users to park their earbuds deep into their pockets or at the side compartments of their bag. This can be rough on the wires. In addition, your earbuds will sustain damages from getting pulled, the earpieces getting bumped into furniture, and the entire product being sat on.


Last but certainly not least is the cost of the product. Many cheap earbuds that are of good quality will cost as low as $20 while the higher-end, feature-rich earbuds will go for as much as $60.

Having a pair of earbuds wherever you go lets you enjoy music, movies, and other materials that have audio. Shop for earbuds that are affordable, durable, and offer professional sound quality.