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Though some people say Blu-Ray discs are better, DVDs are something you can watch anytime the mood strikes. Even if you have an older laptop that doesn’t support Blu-Rays, or you have an old video game console, you can usually pop in a disc, sit back and watch your favorite stars on the screen.

While there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of cheap DVDs for sale online, you want to think about the genre that you like best. Are you a horror movie fan who loves getting so scared that you check under your bed before going to sleep? Classic zombie movies from legendary director George Romero or bone chilling thrillers starring Vincent Price might be right up your alley. Are you more of a fan of romance? Look for compelling stories from famous writers like Nicholas Sparks that will have you reaching for the tissues as you watch stories of couples torn apart and then brought back together again by fate.

You can get even more bang for your buck when you shop for cheap DVDs for sale that include compilations. There are multiple companies that obtain the rights to classic films and more modern movies. Those companies then create packages that include six or more movies on a single disc for one low price. You’ll find horror movie packages that are perfect for scaring you, holiday films you can watch with your kids at Christmas and even westerns that your dad would love. Cheap DVDs for sale let you watch all your favorite films, check out classics you never saw before and find new movies that you will love. Decide how much you want to spend before you shop for discs.