After achieving an enormous degree of success in Japan, “Dragon Ball Z” went on to help popularize anime in the United States. As one of the first anime television shows to air on television, “Dragon Ball Z” caught on with both kids and adults alike due to its penchant for violence. While cartoons created in the West shied away from violence, such as no one hitting their targets or dying in “G.I. Joe,” “Dragon Ball Z” featured adversaries pummeling each other, often to the death. To this day, “Dragon Ball Z” remains popular, and Amazon has a wide array of cheap “Dragon Ball Z” toys.

The 16pcs “Dragon Ball Z” Toy Set from Chokdee Shop is perfect for the “Dragon Ball Z” fan on a budget who doesn’t care about articulation. These 5cm figures are similar to vinyl figures in that they feature no articulation at all. Each figure is pre-posed in an action pose that shows off the intensity of your “Dragon Ball Z” episode. In addition to main characters like Goku and Vegeta, you’ll also receive secondary characters like Nappa and Yamcha.

If you’re looking for articulated “Dragon Ball Z” toys, you won’t find anything better than the S.H. Figuarts brand. Each S.H. Figuarts toy features over 20 points of articulation along with multiple faces and hands. For example, S.H. Figuarts Goku features an additional yelling face along with five extra hands, letting you set up in a variety of poses. In addition to Goku, you can also pick up S.H. Figuarts Gohan for cheap as well. If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you can purchase S.H. Figuarts versions of other heroes like Trunks and Vegeta. Of course, you’ll need a villain to fight all these heroes, and you’ll find the evilest “Dragon Ball Z” character available in S.H. Figuarts form: Broly.

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad as these cheap “Dragon Ball Z” toys prove. In fact, the S.H. Figuarts toys are heralded as some of the best “Dragon Ball Z” toys released in the last decade. Start your collection of “Dragon Ball Z” toys today!