As far as any geek can tell you, building a computer on your own is a rite of passage. When you build your own computer, it’s easier to make upgrades to keep up with technological advances. When you pick your own parts, you’ll find the computer runs faster as a whole compared to buying a prebuilt computer, which rely on low-end parts to reduce costs. If you’re searching for cheap computer parts, you can find them on Amazon.

Every computer needs sound to relay music and other audio components, and the Logitech Z130 Speakers are as good a choice as any. These only use 5 watts of power to deliver stereo sound, connecting to the computer with a standard 3.5mm jack. It’s suitable for use with either Windows or Mac OS X.

Looking to game on your new computer? The MSI 970 Gaming DDR3 ATX AMD Motherboard is a budget option that still packs a powerful punch. A full-size motherboard, the MSI 970 can support up to four sticks of 8GB DDR3 RAM or in lower capacities. It also can hold up to six SATA3 ports, so you’ll never feel low on space.

Whatever computer parts you ultimately choose, you’ll need to mount them somewhere as they run. For this task, the Apevia X-Sniper 2 Metal Case with Side Window by Apevia makes an excellent choice. It comes with either green, blue or red LED lights, supporting either a micro or standard-sized ATX motherboard.

Finally, depending on your definition of “cheap,” you may be able to swing the Intel Core i7-4790 Processor, a true marvel in technology and computing. Capable of running up to 3.6 GHz, this processor sports four cores for great performance.

If your ultimate goal is budget above performance, a prebuilt computer is more likely to serve your needs. Otherwise, working on something custom with cheap computer parts is as wise a decision as any. Most custom-built computers can be built for much less than $1,000 without sacrificing speed. You’ll find plenty of mid-range and cheap computer parts on Amazon.