CD players used to be expensive pieces of delicate audio equipment that allowed you to play all your favorite music on the latest audio format. With the introduction of MP3s and digital music streaming, CD players are no longer the easiest way to get your music fix. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still use them from time to time. If you aren’t ready to give up that CD collection just yet, high quality yet still cheap CD players are easy to find.

The Sylvania Personal Compact CD Player is a classic CD player design that has a small display screen and all the controls right on top for easy access. The screen will display a warning when the batteries are low. There are no headphones included with this black CD player.

The Aiwa Portable CD Player with FM and AM Radio is a great choice for cheap CD players. The additional radio function makes this CD player great for carrying with you on walks or to waiting rooms. You can program up to 30 of your favorite FM and AM stations. The rechargeable batteries will work for around 36 hours of continuous use.

The Panasonic Car Portable CD Player has a backlit LCD display so you can easily use this player in the dark. It has both a car power adapter and a car cassette adapter so you can play your music through the car’s speakers. This CD player comes with a pair of over-head headphones.

These cheap CD players deliver great sound without the hefty price tag that comes with converting all your music. Don’t give up your CD collection just yet. Listening to your music on a CD player is a great way to introduce your kids to your favorite songs, and to relive the joy you felt in younger years.