It can be expensive to have a car audio system installed by a professional, but if you have a little technical knowledge, you can install it yourself. You’ll need to make sure you’re buying the right package for the make and model year of your vehicle before purchasing an installation kit.

Boss Wiring Kit
The Boss Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit with High Performance RCA Interconnect and Speaker Wire costs $11.99 and comes with all the parts and wires that you’ll need to wire in your own system. It has 30 feet of speaker wire, 16 feet of 18 gauge blue turn-on wire, 20 feet of 8 gauge red, power cable and 3 ft of 8 gauge black, ground cable. It comes with split tubing, rubber grommets and wire ties too.

Audio Receiver
The BOSS Audio 612UA MP3 Compatible Digital Media AM/FM Receiver is $28.99, and will connect your wiring to a new audio receiver. While it doesn’t have a CD player, it can play from a USB from a smartphone or MP3 player. There’s a preset, built-in equalizer as well as controls for the bass, balance, treble and fader. It comes with a 3 year BOSS audio platinum online warranty.

Car Video Display
The Dragonpad 7″ TFT LCD Color 2 Video Input Car Rearview Headrest Monitor has the ability to play DVD movies. It has a remote for the monitor, and the screen rotates for those in the backseat to watch movies and videos. The monitor can be adjusted for brightness, color and contrast, which is important when the monitor is rotated. The monitor costs $24.37. The package includes a monitor, video and power cable, bracket for mounting, remote control and user manual.

If you know how to match wires to existing ones, you can install an audio system in your car very inexpensively. It will take a little time and knowledge, but it’s a process that you’ll enjoy saying that you did yourself. For cheap car audio installation, buy the parts yourself and install it without the added expense of hiring a garage to do it.