In a world dominated my technology, people are using the Postal Service less than they used to, but there are still many instances where we cannot do without a land-based mailing service. Whether you need to mail formal papers somewhere, such as photocopies, photos, and applications, or you just like to keep in touch with friends and family through the classic method of letter writing, you should have some 6×9 envelopes on hand in case you need to use the mail. These envelopes also come in handy for organizing and storing important documents at home or in the office.

Finding high quality, cheap 6×9 envelopes in a bunch is not as difficult as you may think. There are many brands available, such as the Columbian CO995 Envelopes with dual seal styles. The moisture activated gummed seal can be used for mailing, whereas the clasped seal can be used for prolonged storage purposes. These brown formal envelopes can be confidently used for applications or for storing secure documents as well. The Columbian Catalog Envelopes are another variety of cheap 6×9 envelopes to choose from. These also come with gummed seals that are moisture activated for secure mailing. The durable, heavy duty design makes them ideal for storing or shipping catalogs, brochures, promotional materials, and official documents. You can stock up with 500 envelopes in one simple order.

The 6×9 Booklet-Open Side Envelopes are another variety that come with side-open designs. These are akin to the envelopes used for greeting cards, oversized postcards, and holiday cards. They are ideal for inserting party invitations as the side-open feature allows easy insertion of cards. The 24-lb bright white paper is well suited for such mailing purposes. This variety comes with a moisture activated gummed seal.

Keep your home and workstation well stocked with cheap 6×9 envelopes to use for sending out forms, invitations, and greeting cards at a minute’s notice. Stay organized and prepared without burning a hole in your pocket.