Do you need an inexpensive charger for your iPhone 5? Who doesn’t? Most of us aren’t made of money, so we could use a cheap 5 charger in our arsenal. Since an iPhone 5 is certainly not cheap, you will want a charger that will not only keep money in your pocket, but will actually work.

Which cheap 5 chargers are actually worth the money? Three chargers that should be wallet friendly for most people will be discussed in this article.

It’s hard to get a better deal than a car charger than this! With shipping, you will get Fosman Technology’s Dual Port USB Rapid Car Charger for the Apple iPhone 4, 4s and 5 for less than many people spend on their lunch.

You can get a charger that features an LED light that lights up when it’s properly working; two ports that allows you to charge both your phone and a tablet; and a design that keeps the charger from operating when your devices are fully charged.

Some die-hard Apple customers insist on purchasing only Apple-certified chargers. Those customers can look at Luxtr’s Apple Certified Lightning Cable. This iPhone charger for 5, 5c and 5s has a durable design that will outlast many of its inferior competitors. Plus, since this product is certified by Apple, you won’t need to buy a new one when Apple updates its iOS.

Chances are that in addition to your iPhone 5, you want a charger that can charge your iPod Touch, iPad and other Apple devices. Those who want a multi-faceted car charger should consider Powergen’s Dual USB Car Charger designed for both Apple and Android devices. The circuit design protects this charger from overheating and will turn off when your products are finished charging.

All three of these cheap 5 chargers are worth more than their retail price, but the good news is that in this case, you don’t have to pay more to get more. Consider any of these three chargers the next time you want to save money while getting an excellent product.