Fun memories should be immortalized in pictures and videos. Because after all that’s said and done, they are the only things that would bring back memories and let you enjoy the experience all over again. For a clearer and crisper reminiscing, buy a cheap 4K camera.

The 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) resolution, offers more depth, more color, and more detail to any image or video. So you get high quality output that will look the same in any screen size. You can just imagine the kind of images and videos you can record with your 4K camera. In the filmmaking community, 4K resolution is considered an equivalent of using a 35mm film to record videos and take pictures. This is commonly used in chemical still photography and in creating motion pictures. Not bad, right?

With numerous cheap 4K cameras on the market, choosing the right one can be challenging and fun. Price should not be the only factor to consider. It is also important to look into what a product has to offer.

Sony’s 4K video camera is dubbed as the smallest of its kind, making it easy to use and drag along wherever you want to go. GoPro’s HERO3 is among the best action camera out there, used by many adventure-seekers to film their stunts and daredevil acts. But it is not for the not-so techie individual, because putting the pieces together and setting it up can be a learning curve.

Despite the pros and cons, one thing that really matters in cheap 4K cameras is what you see through the lens. Crisp, clear, and vivid pictures and videos are what you want, after all. So never mind the downsides. Let memories last through the lens and relive them over and over again with awesome clarity. With a 4K camera, everything is just clearer.