When looking to purchase a cheap 40 inch smart TV, you have several choices and performance levels to chose from. Smart TV has become a universal term for any TV that connects to the Internet and allows some form of streaming based on apps, similar to a smartphone.

Streaming services on cheap 40 inch smart TVs vary significantly. The least expensive cheap 40 inch smart TVs usually feature common streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu. Most apps are subscription based and require an account with the streaming provider. Most budget-based TVs come with limited features and functions when compared with more expensive models, but can provide the functionality you need depending on your television-watching desires.

Some 40 inch smart TVs that are most budget friendly use third party smart interfaces and menus such as Roku. This is a great option because it means the companies that specialize in streaming are handling the smart features and you’ll likely benefit from more options and a friendlier user interface. Televisions marketed as “Roku-ready” don’t always come with smart features 100 percent in the box, though, and you might need to purchase an additional part such as a streaming stick.

As you move up to premium brands such as Sony, Samsung and LG, both smart features and picture quality increase. You benefit from additional apps and connectivity options. Many of the televisions feature Internet browsers, photo and video sharing capability and the option to connect to tablets or computers on your home wireless network.

As far as picture and sound goes, generally the cheapest 40 inch smart TVs tend to be similar. As you go up in price, you start to see larger differences in brands. One of the best ways to get big value for your money with a smaller smart TV is to watch for a premium brand to go on sale.

When purchasing a smart television, your two main concerns are app availability and picture quality. App availability is usually listed in the television’s specs under smart features. Make sure you choose a television that meets your app needs today as well as the needs you think you might have in the future.