With so many of your every day devices reliant on touchscreen capability, having an extra stylus around is probably a good idea. Misplacing your stylus doesn’t mean the end of the world, but it certainly makes it easier to use your smartphone or tablet without leaving behind greasy fingerprints on the screen. A cheap $2 stylus pen is a useful item to keep in your bag or at your desk for just this reason.

The Ularmo Universal Metal Touch Screen Pen Stylus works for any iPhone or Samsung tablet. The compact design makes it easy to carry, and it plugs right into your audio jack so that it stays with your phone. The stylus nub is ultra sensitive so you get a smooth navigation experience, and you can choose from ten different colors, so you’ll never be confused about which stylus is yours.

If you are constantly losing your stylus, you can purchase a cheap $2 stylus pen pack from Cyber Style. This pack includes five stylus pens with clips that keep your stylus attached to a notebook, your pocket, or your bag strap. These silver pens have black caps and stylus nubs, and work for any touchscreen device.

If you’re using a Kindle or an iPad tablet, the HDE Stylus Pen works great and comes in at under a dollar. The pen-like grip makes it simple to use just like a writing pen, and it works with all capacitive touch screen devices. You can choose from ten different colors, and each comes with a clip to keep the stylus handy when you aren’t using it.

Keeping your devices free of fingerprints can help the screen last longer, and also makes it easier to read. Keep a few extra stylus pens around so that you can get your work done without having to stop to wipe smudges off your screen.