Just five years ago, the average person could not afford a 128 GB usb flash drive and there was no way anyone could describe them as cheap unless you were an IT Department. Today though with the decreasing costs for technology, carrying a cheap 128 gb usb flash drive with you is the equivalent of carrying a 2 or 4 gb flash drive back then. No longer do those smaller drives have a realistic use in our lives. As they say “bigger is better”.

One of the most common uses of a cheap 128 gb usb flash drive is for file sharing today. If you want to bring files from your home computer to your computer at work, no longer are CD’s or DVD’s used for file storage. They are too large and bulky. A cheap 128 gb usb flash drive is not just smaller and easier to carry, but it loads quicker as well.

Some companies use employees that work remotely in the field. They do not have access to a network to download files. This is where that flash drive comes in handy. The drive can be sent through US Mail or via express courier services to get photographs or important documents from a computer without Internet access to another computer.

Work is not the only place these large cheap flash drives are used. If you want to share files with family members who can not download large files over the Internet, once again you can save them on the flash drive.

Moms can use these flash drives as an electronic baby album as well. Each year, you can save all the digital photographs of your child on a flash drive. They are cheap enough instead of large bulky albums taking up space, you can share your memories on a small pocket sized device. Save yourself some room in your home and keep your memories closer to you.