Having a tablet is like having a computer that you can carry anywhere you go. Unlike a laptop, which usually adds some weight to your bag, a tablet is so lightweight that you might forget you even grabbed it before you walked out the door. You can download apps that let you read books, watch movies and play games on your tablet too. While you might think that the best models are fairly expensive, you can find affordable prices online, including cheap 10inch tablets for 30 dollars.

Cheap 10inch tablets for 30 dollars have a larger screen than some of the cheaper models have. When you have one with a seven or an eight inch screen, you might feel frustrated when you want to write down a few notes or watch a video. A 10 inch screen lets you see and do everything you would like much clearer. These are also great for the elderly and those who have vision problems.

One of the cheaper tables that shoppers love is the Kindle Fire. This comes loaded with the Kindle app. You can connect that app to your Amazon account to download books, movies and television shows right to your tablet. It also comes with 8 GB of memory and a seven inch screen, but you can shop for Kindles that have a larger screen.

While finding cheap 10inch tablets for 30 dollars is difficult, you’ll have more options when you increase your budget just a bit. The ASUS Google Nexus tablet lets you use on all your favorite Google apps when away from your computer, including Google + and Google Docs. The Sony Xperia, which comes with 16 GB of storage, also gets some great reviews. This tablet has a large screen, a front and rear camera, fast operating speeds and a long lasting battery.

Buying a tablet lets you take all your favorite apps with you. Cheap 10inch tablets for 30 dollars have a larger screen size than even the biggest of smartphones and come from top manufacturers like ASUS and Sony.