Having an older home provides many characteristics and features not available in newer homes and brand new construction. While that older home may be overflowing with charm, one thing it is probably lacking is Ethernet ports.

One way to make that older home more connected is to hardwire more Ethernet outlets into the walls. Many homeowners choose to remodel their older homes at some point to provide them with increased functionality while adding more modern conveniences to the home. Adding more Ethernet connections while the walls are open is a good option.

However, there are ways of keeping the older home connected without having to break into the sheetrock. A cheap 10 gigabit switch like the TP-LINK 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch, 10/100/1000 Mbps will plug into one Ethernet port in the house. It then has eight ports that can be used to connect numerous devices that can all be operated at the same time, unlike an Ethernet splitter that will allow you to plug in multiple devices, but you can only operate one device at a time.

Maintaining enough connections can also be a problem for a small business. Many small businesses will have a network and a small server that provides enough connection speed to keep all the devices going. The Cisco SG300-10 10-port Gigabit Managed Switch (SRW2008-K9-NA) will provide enough outlets to keep all the devices within the small business connected to the network. This cheap 10 gigabit switch will boost performance on the network while providing security and energy savings to any small business, helping it to improve their bottom line.

In today’s high tech society, everyone wants to be connected. The options range from simply having a home computer connected to the internet or having several gaming devices, as well as the computer, all connected at once with these switches.