Cheap 1 cent items can be difficult to find. However, they are often fun and different than the expensive items everyone is giving away as gifts nowadays. From phone cases to hats and cosmetic accessories, there are so many ways to spend one cent that will actually show that you are trying to give unique gifts.

Nancy’s Shop offers a sports Bluetooth wireless stereo earbuds for iPhone, Samsung, Sony, and Android/iOS cellphones or smartphones. It comes in blue, black, grey, red, and dark grey. The headphones connect right to the hat. The stereo is built right in, and the wearer can take any call hands free. They can even control the volume from the headphones via this hat. Amazing, right?

Deego offers an iPhone 6 case that is two hard pieces and 2-in-1. It is a high impact hybrid armor. The pattern is a peony flower patter, and is available in blue. The two layers of the case offer shock absorbing protection for the iPhone 6. We all know how skinny and easy to break they are, right? Anyway, the case has a dark blue full cover piece and a lighter blue floral piece that snaps on. It holds up well, and the corners may chip off with the color, but they do not break into pieces easily.

If flowers aren’t your thing, Deego also sells an iPhone 6 two window design leather with stand case cover in rose red. This case has openings, buttons, and connectors that line up with all the various buttons, openings, etc. on the iPhone 6. The slim design of the case offers maximum protection with little extra bulk on the phone. It’s a rugged option that is also stylish that will protect any iPhone 6 from dust, dirt, etc. It also allows the phone to stand against the case while you type.

Cheap 1 cent items offer different types of gifts. While phone cases are all good and fun, there are plenty of other cent items that can be unique gifts for everyone.