Keeping track of all of your mobile electronics can be a daily challenge, and it only gets more complicated when you have to worry about keeping all of them charged. With a growing number of people already juggling a mobile phone, tablet and laptop, finding enough outlets to keep everything charged can be frustrating. This problem gets even worse in families where everyone has multiple devices. Luckily, charging stations for multiple devices help you consolidate all of your portable electronics in one spot and save you a lot of time hunting for the right power cord or outlet.

Great Useful Stuff is a company that offers stylish leatherette charging stations. You simply feed your power cords through the back and out the side, so it’s compatible with any brand of mobile devices. These docks have a hidden compartment in the bottom for cable management, where you can store the excess length of your power cords and reduce clutter. This is a stylish option for people with a variety of devices that use different power cords.

Satechi is another company that makes some great charging stations for multiple devices. Their 7-port USB Charging Station has the ports built into the dock and is compatible with most devices since USB is by far the most common interface for mobile power cables. This particular model has four low-power ports that are suitable for charging phones and smaller devices, while the three high-power slots are great for tablets and laptops which have larger batteries.

If you’re looking for a slim, minimalist charging station, Anker makes a 5-port USB charging hub, which is a smaller, cheaper option that fits just about anywhere. Its compact design means it’s a great option for people who are on-the-go who need a portable charging dock since it will easily fit in any backpack or laptop bag.