Busy families with multiple smart phones are familiar with a cluster of charging cords and devices piled up on the kitchen counter. Having a designated spot to park everyone’s phone and tablet when they are not in use, where they can be charged, and where cords are tucked away makes all the difference in the way your family and home looks and functions.

One popular choice for a charging station with cords hidden is the Stock Your Home Charging Caddy Electronics Organizer. This attractive caddy is covered in black faux leather and has four different sized compartments to accommodate your various electronics. Just feed the charging cords through the slots and all your items are organized, ordered and in the charging dock. A convenient front compartment works great as a catch-all for keys, loose change, or pens. The charging station measures 12 inches by 4.5 inches by 8 inches and fits conveniently anywhere in your home.

Another quality charging station with cords hidden is the Black Leatherette Multi-Device Charging Station and Dock by Great Useful Stuff. This product has space to accommodate five different devices, from smart phones to tablets to handheld games, and even laptops. It is ten inches by nine inches by 5.22 inches. It features a magnetic base to keep it in place and has handy elastic straps to secure cords.

A third option, for a more upscale look, is the Great Useful Stuff Eco-Friendly Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station and Dock. This version is crafted from environmentally friendly and attractive bamboo and has a vertical dividers style. It has room for up to three smart phones in the front section and up to two laptops or tablets in the rear dividers.

Whichever of these quality brands you choose for a charging station with cords hidden, you’ll appreciate that everything will be in its place while you keep everyone up and running.