Kindles are some of the amazing technologies that transformed the way we read, how we read, and how we store our literary. However, like other devices, Kindles need batteries and a good charging Kindle cord in order to work. When your charging cord becomes severed, frayed, or damaged, you can shop online from various trusted retailers for a reliable and durable replacement.

There is an Amazon Kindle Fire 5ft USB to Micro-USB Cable, an exact replacement for the USB cable that comes in the package with Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7-inches and 8.9-inches. It comes with a thick jacket to provide good protection against heavy abuse, and features fast data transfer speeds between your Kindle and a computer. This charging Kindle cord will also work with other e-reading devices.

Another clever replacement for your original charging Kindle cord is Gomadic which offers a classic straight 2-in-1 USB cable that can simultaneously recharge your Kindle and synchronize data at the same time. It is engineered with a TipExchange Technology so you can use your other mobile devices with this same cable when Kindle cord is not attached. Gomadic Power Hot Sync and Charging Cable is backed by a lifetime warranty.

There are just instances when plug outlets are far away from a convenient couch or table. Belkin’s extra-long micro USB cable solves this problem with its 10ft long cable made for Kindle, Kindle Fire, and Kindle Fire HD models. It can transfer data from your device to computer in seconds, and will also work with Playstation 4 as well as Xbox One devices. Similar to Gomadic 2-in-1 USB cable, Belkin 10ft long micro USB cable can charge your Kindle while syncing data at the same time.

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Make sure your favorite digital library never runs out of battery with a functional, versatile, and durable charging Kindle cord