A laptop is one of the very essential business tools of both the working person and home user. The usefulness of the laptop however depends on charge availability of the battery. A reliable charger is therefore a handy tool every laptop user must have. Let us examine the chargers for hp model 1000. Let us examine the chargers available for you on the online platforms at amazon.com.

The INTOCIRCUIT charger for hp model 1000. This charger comes on with a separate adapter and flower cable. It also has an output power of 120 watts and can deliver up to 18.5 volts at a constant 6.5 amperes. At a price of below 22$ this charger also has a 3 pin head connector and an appealing plastic casing with rounded and smoothed ends. This is the suitable option for heavy laptop users and those whose power lines deliver a high amount of current. The charger is also compatible with a wide variety of laptops making it a perfect choice for online shoppers that want versatility.

From NG Company the ac adapter/ power supply for hp model 1000 is yet another alternative. Equipped with a separable adapter and a flower cable, the 100-240 volts input charger can deliver up to 3.5 amperes steady current, at a power level of 65 watts. It has a 3 pin head connector and comes in at a price of 4.68 dollars. This charger is handy for the light computer user. If you consider a low cost charger that will give you service then this is the right charger for you.

The manufacturers of the laptop, HP Company have yet another charger for your hp model 1000. This charger comes in at a price of 6.96 dollars and is multi-laptop compatible within the HP family of laptops. At 100-240 volts input, 2.5 amperes constant output at 18.5 dc volts. These chargers come in with a 12 month replacement warranty. This charger is simply the perfect charger for those new users who want a guaranteed product use.

To enjoy a great laptop experience you need to consider the best charger for your hp model 1000 laptop since a laptop is as good as its charger.