There are tons of charging stations you can find nowadays, from standalone booths to even the power outlets found in your airport’s lobby. Despite the number of places you can go to grab a quick charge off of, charging on the go isn’t always easy. To conveniently and efficiently charge your mobile devices on the go, you need a Charge Pal.

Compatibility with your device/s is important. You’d want your charger to connect not just with your smartphone but with your camera and other peripherals as well. A USB, universal serial bus, charger is great for connecting with multiple devices, and comes as the standard in device connectivity and data transfers.

How much power it can store and how fast it can recharge your device are two equally important factors when buying an on-the-go charger. Regardless if you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or any other USB device, the charger should be able to boost battery life considerably.

Most external chargers will have a lithium polymer battery cells, but other brands like LG feature their proprietary battery technology. Chargers will have different battery life extensions on your devices, with average chargers clocked in at 60 hours of talk time plus 160 hours of audio time.

Portability and form factor are also two key elements you should look at. The smaller the charger, the easier it is to bring along with you on travels. Models like the UNU Superpak and Enerpak are some of the smallest and most portable chargers you’ll find on the market. Inspect if the device has a reliable protective casing that safeguards it from damage whilst stored neatly in your backpack, luggage, or pocket.

If you have a hard time choosing between your options using these listed factors, use price as the key differentiator. The cost of your portable charger should not be higher than what you would’ve spent to simply buy another battery pack for your device. Also, make sure it comes with at least a 1-year warranty.

Investing in a charge pal allows you to bring your technology essentials with you during business and leisure travels. Its sleek form factor, affordable pricing, and deceivingly powerful recharging capabilities is definitely a must-have tool for modern on-the-go professionals and travelers.