Your life should be filled with color and favorite things, and that is why there are so many interesting character cases for Samsung Galaxy s3. After all, the cellphone has become a regular companion, and who wants a boring companion? Take your solid color phone, add a colorful case with graphics and the ordinary smartphone makes a statement.

Do you like to show your humorous side? The LliVEER character cases for Samsung Galaxy s3 with Monster Tiger Catt graphics are the perfect choice. Are you a wildlife lover? Try the IVY case with graphics of a white tiger or pink pig. Does a cartoon character reflect your personality? There are many options from the AArt back cover case filled with all the Disney characters to the iLuv case with Peanuts and Lucy up to their old antics. This is just a sample of the large array of case graphics.

There are numerous styles in the character cases for Samsung Galaxy s3 too. The back case cover fits the back of the phone, leaving the front fully accessible. There are two-part covers that fit together to fully enclose the phone but have custom cutouts for accessing all the phone’s features, including ports and connections. Bastex offers a phone case in the shape of a bow knot with yellow dots. Hongqing makes a hard shell case with a built-in kickstand, while IVY has a wallet case with a money and credit card slot

The cases are designed to protect your phone from dust, scratches and dirt. Materials include silicone, rubber, hard and soft plastic, and synthetic leather. Textures range from smooth to tire-like. The best style and material choice depends on the treatment the phone will experience. The tougher the case and the more it encases the phone, the greater protection for your phone.

It is wise to buy a character case for Samsung Galaxy s3 to protect it, but now you can also make a statement. Showcase your personality with your choice of case graphics and have some fun.