There is no question that we are knee deep in the era of the selfie right now. Everywhere you go and look you can either see someone taking a selfie or posting one on social media. If you are ready to jump on this selfie bandwagon, as well, then make sure the selfies you take are epic. This will be easy when you use the Chanel selfie stick. Easily capture more of a photo thanks to these unique pictures.

A perfect example of one of these sticks and all the benefits they will do is the MQSuma Portable Selfie Stick. It has a telescoping stick and offered in a number of fun colors. After all, selfies are supposed to be fun, why shouldn’t the selfie stick be just as fun? This selfie stick is crafted out of Ally and PVC which means it is simple and lightweight but also highly durable. Even if it is dropped, it will retain its function and allow you to continue to capture amazing selfies.

Another quality selfie stick to consider is offered by Wemelody. This stick has a number of exciting features including the ability to extend the monopod to the desired length to capture a truly amazing photo. It is compatible with all the basic android and apple devices and smartphones. There are a number rof other features that make this unique, as well, including a way to minimize rotation of the stick while the picture is being taking, which is a huge up grate many people will find.

Purchase your own Chanel selfie stick to see all the epic and truly amazing photos that you will be able to capture regardless of where you go or what you do. Capture your life in memories and you will find your newly purchased selfie stick is a must travel experience.