The Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely a smartphone worth owning. It is a powerful device that boasts of a bigger and brighter screen and even better camera. With the money you spent on this smartphone, it’s only practical to get a cell phone screen protector for Samsung S5 to keep your screen protected from scratches and breaks.

Your smartphone gets a heavy beating, so to speak, with regular use. You can stash it in your bag where it gets mixed with coins, pens and keys that you just happen to have in there. You use it to answer urgent calls even if you have greasy or dirty fingers. It can also get dropped accidentally and hit the pavement when it slips from your grasp. A cell phone screen protector for Samsung S5 can keep your phone’s display free from scratches and dents in the face of these events.

Inarock offers its S5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The glass is chemically treated so it is shatterproof and scratchproof and as such can resist the scratches that can be made by knives and keys. However, you won’t have to worry that this kind of protection will come at the expense of sensitivity. The glass is only 0.26 mm thick so you retain 100 percent sensitivity of your screen.

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S5 SV, JETech offers its Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector cut with rounded edges to fit this smartphone model. It is made with 0.33 thick tempered glass which can resist scratches of up to 9H. That means even a knife or similar objects won’t be able to mar your original screen when this is placed to protect it. This protector is easy to install and will keep your phone protected from dust and fingerprints.

Even if Samsung is known for making sturdy phones, you still shouldn’t take any chances. Keep your smartphone’s display protected with a cell phone screen protector for Samsung S5.