In many states it is now illegal to use a cell phone and drive at the same time. While using your smart phone as a GPS, how can you avoid having it in your hand? A cell phone mount for the car is the answer to that question. These versatile cradles for smart phones can be placed anywhere and will make your driving much safer. You can use your smart phone to communicate and as a GPS by using a very versatile smart phone cradle for your automobile.

Generic makes an E-Candy Car Mount Grip that holds the phone onto the car heater vents for easy access and convenient out of the way viewing of the phone screen. The effective range of the included FM transmitter is 16 feet and the feed cable is about two feet in length. This holder works with all larger cell and smart phones to keep it out of the way yet close at hand.

Amdirect makes this unique Universal CD Slot Mount holder for Cell Phones and GPS Devices. This durable ABS plastic holder will hold any larger smart phone or Garmin device and easily mounts inside the car’s CD slot to transmit mp3 music or telephone audio through the car radio. It’s a great way to use the car radio as a remote telephone.

The Giga Max Universal Car Windshield Mount works with iPhones and other PDAs with a rotating 360-degree bracket and easy to mount suction cups. This holder will keep any large smart phone in place and will fit on almost any flat surface with the powerful suction mount. It’s an easy way to keep your smart phone in reach.

With laws preventing cell use while operating a vehicle, and the rising rate of accidents involving distracted driving, having a cell phone mount for the car is an essential item if you travel with your smart phone or device.