Surfing is your greatest pastime, and waking up at dawn every morning to catch some killer waves keeps you invigorated to get through the rest of your workday. Your love for the water is unmatched. However, when you’re a busy working man during the day, keeping your phone on and nearby is vital. Yet keeping your Galaxy S6 cell phone on your person isn’t exactly practical when you’re out past the shoreline. You need to find a case with an attached component that can handle a little splashing and won’t end up lost somewhere on the ocean floor.

Fix the problem and purchase a waterproof case with cell phone lanyards for the Galaxy S6 you love. The Voxkin Universal Waterproof Case with Compass and Lanyard is an incredible new design ready to last through your wet-and-wild lifestyle. A great and stylish product, this waterproof case, also considered a water-resistant bag, is full-proof against water, rain and snow, dust, or sand to keep your phone protected. And with detachable cell phone lanyards for the Galaxy S6 included, you can keep your cell securely around your neck to prevent it getting lost or damaged. So feel free to catch a few shots on your camera of your experience riding that master wave, and your phone stays safe and dry while you’ve got evidence of your amazing feat.

For days when your little sister wants to watch you from the shoreline, grab her a Wisdompro Premium Leather 2-in-1 Protective Case with Wrist Lanyard for Samsung Galaxy S6. Convenient with their own cell phone lanyards for Galaxy S6 phones, these come with a wrist lanyard so she can keep her phone from getting buried in the sand.

So keep your phone safe, dry and near you at all times by purchasing cell phone lanyards.