Phone protection plans can often be expensive and out of reach for some phone owners.  Finding the best protective phone cases is another, cheaper solution.   Your smartphone is great for staying in touch with loved ones, handling business needs and storing media. But you can’t do any of those things with a broken phone. 

Best Protective Phone Cases

    Luvvitt makes the Ultra Armor case for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.  The case has both a hard shell and a core that is shock absorbent.  The inside of the case has very tiny bumps that help to ensure there will be no scratches to the back portion of the phone.  There is a lip on the front that sticks out slightly to help prevent damage to the screen.  The case is rated highly and recommended by other owners.  It comes in 10 different colors including black, silver, mint, and pink. 

    Aero has cases for the HTC phones.  The case has armor plating.  It was constructed using a multilayer technique to make it more shock resistant.  There are reinforced corners that protect that fragile area of the phone.  The case comes in a basic black with a colored trim.  The colored trim comes in several colors for you to choose from.  You can get pink, blue, purple, orange, and white.

    If you have a Samsung Galaxy, there are cases by Case Loca that protect your phone.  The case has a silicone inner portion and a hard shell outside.  This allows for both protection and shock absorption.  So, you can rest easy when you drop your phone.  The case also allows easy access to ports and other functions.  It comes in 10 different colors and prints.  There are several nautical themed cases that come in blues, pinks, and golds.  There are chevron prints in black, white, and blue and owl patterned cases.

4g iPhone Cases

There are several things you should consider when shopping for 4g iPhone cases. Are you looking for something thin and simple? A snap on case is easy to carry and does not block the screen. Maybe you would prefer a case that is bulky but stylish. A wallet closes over the screen and is ideal for carrying the case in your bag. You can also choose a case in your favorite color or pattern.

The iPhone Cases from CaseMate have a hard outer shell and soft inner shell for maximum protection. It features snap on installation and openings for buttons, connectors and the speaker. The designs range from solid black and pink to blue, black and white Chevron.

You can find Amazon’s top-selling iPhone cases here.  Take your time and choose the right case for your iPhone.

Cheap Otterbox Cases

Flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone 6 cost hundreds of dollars, even with a contract from a phone carrier. As a result, many smartphone users are willing to spend even more money to protect their smartphones.  Otterbox is one of the more reputable and popular phone case makers.  Even cheap Otterbox cases easily cost $30, but the price is more than worthwhile for many people.

Types of Otterbox Cases

Otterbox offers different types of smartphone cases for different needs. There are roughly six types of Otterbox cases: Defender, Commuter, Reflex, Prefix, Impact, and Purist. The Defender Otterbox is often the most expensive. The three-layered Defender Otterbox is drop resistant, dust resistant, scratch resistant, and it has a built-in screen protector.  The Commuter Otterbox case tends to be the least expensive.  The commuter is slim and typically adds about 1/4″ to the thickness of the phone.  It is lightweight and has two layers of protection.

Color and Print

Not only do cheap Otterbox cases provide plenty of protection to any smartphone, but they also come in many colors and designs. These cases are a great way to beautify your smartphone even more and personalize it so that it reflects your taste and personality.  Check out the full selection of Commuter Otterbox Cases at Amazon.

Look for Sales

If you want cheap Otterbox cases, you need to be on the lookout for sales, which occur frequently for Otterbox cases. It is possible to have as much as 50% shaved off the original price. The only disadvantage of purchasing Otterbox cases on sale is that they tend to be plain and mono-color. However, this is usually fine for people who are purchasing the Otterbox case for practical purposes rather than for cosmetic purposes. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny on a case, you’re probably going to be in the first category.  Otterbox’s site lists the cases it has that are on discount.

Clear iPhone Cases

Your iPhone was already designed to look beautiful. With the iconic Apple logo on a solid, shiny color of your choice — what more could you need? The reason to get an iPhone case is generally not to hide the appearance of your iPhone, but to protect your screen from cracking upon sudden drops. For anyone who likes to show off the original, sleek look of their iPhone, a clear case is a must.

The CellEver clear cases helps iPhone users achieve a crystal clear, extra shiny appearance for their iPhones. Without covering the original Apple design, your iPhone will be protected in this ultraslim case. Protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and falls from your pocket. This case was manufactured with flexible materials to offer superior protection from damage. Customers love this iPhone case because it gives you more grip then without a case, but it isn’t too sticky where it will stick in your pockets.  These cases typically come with a 12-24 month CellEver warranty.

The i-Blason Clear Halo Series iPhone case was specifically designed for newer iPhone models. The front raised edges and premium scratch resistant material protect your screen from being scratched when it’s placed face down. With anti-slip technology, your Apple iPhone will have more grip on surfaces. The cut and design of this case is precise, sleek, and allows easy access to all iPhone features such as sensors, ports, cameras and speakers thanks to the side bumpers.

iPhone lovers will love it; the Luvvitt Clearview case, that is. This hybrid case is so ultra clear, that you won’t even realize that you have a case on! With a combination of a hard PC back yet a soft clear TPU edge on all four sides for added protection, you can keep a low profile without letting anybody know that you were using a case at all. The case fits your iPhone like a glove with its completely crystal clear casing. This casing’s innovative scratch resistant coating that keeps your case in tiptop shape avoiding scratches and scuff marks.  The beveled front edges of this phone off for an amazing screen protection that prevents dust or dirt from getting into your case. 

Child Proof Phone Cases

Are you worried about your mobile phone in the hands of your curious and busy child? Thankfully, there are some spectacular and rather ingenious childproof phone cases that will keep your phone protected, even in the hands of the toughest and most inquisitive toddlers.

The childproof phone cases even have features that will keep your child entertained, even while keeping your phone safe from potential, unintentional damage. There are adorable cases that are child proof and there are sophisticated selections you can choose from when you want to ensure the longevity of your mobile phone investment.

Leave it to Fischer-Price to make something truly impressive for children all while ensuring the protection of your smartphone – The Laugh & Learn Blue Apptivity Case is compatible with an iPhone device. The child proof case allows you to insert your phone inside of the protective case. The case is compatible with the iPhone. Your phone remains locked inside of the case while you child plays with it and you can prevent unwanted dialing of the phone with a block home button. Even better, the case comes with educational apps for your child that you can download.

LifeProof also gives you a slew of options when you are on the market for a phone case that is child proof. With LifeProof cases, you get a choice of colors including Dark flat earth and blaze orange, black on black, white with gray trim, light and dark cherry, blue on blue, purple on purple, lime on olive green, and camo pink.

In Closing

    Protecting your phone is a low cost way to extend its life.  The recommended cases above are the tip of the iceberg.  Fortunately, there’s hyper-competition for the phone case market – new designs are constantly coming out that are not only functional, but are also stylish.