Once users switch to Apple operating systems for their smartphones it is rare for them to go back to Android based systems. The ease and functionality of the interface has users sticking with their Apple phones. These phones don’t come cheap, and that’s why most people use a cell phone case for iPhone 6S with screen protector to protect their investment.

You can find a wide variety of options when it comes to a cell phone case for iPhone 6S with screen protector. Case&More offers the iPhone 6S Hybrid which is a popular choice of many users. This case has a hybrid bumper and screen protector that assists you in shock absorption and drop protection for your iPhone. You don’t want to have to worry about using a cracked screen, so protecting your smartphone with TPU and polycarbonate cases with a slim fit like this see through option can ease your mind. The case is completely clear so you can even insert photos or art underneath to customize your iPhone 6S. The HD screen protector also helps keep fingerprints at bay.

Many people choose to use items like Tech Armor Screen Protector. With this option you can use any cell phone case for iPhone 6S with a screen protector from Tech Armor. These protectors are available in a variety of thicknesses, as well as Ballistic Glass, Hi Def Clear and Matte Anti-Glare options. Although Tech Armor does note that their screen protectors alone may not cover 100 percent, when paired with a case users find they work exceptionally well with the curved edges of the screens.

Foxnovo offers a similar option in a one or two pack with their iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector crafted of 0.3 millimeter tempered glass. Whether you choose and all in one case and protector, or combine a screen protector with your current case the added level of security can save your screen.