For the longest time it was only possible to showcase a television with a large screen on some sort of physical support, due to the weight restrictions of those huge sets. With the advent of flat screen television units, this is no longer a problem. Even the biggest TVs today are lightweight and maneuverable compared to the tube sets of the past, allowing them to be mounted in a wide variety of locations. Ceiling mounts are an excellent choice for large screen televisions, as they have no footprint and offer a wider viewing range.

A 48-inch screen is a good standard for measuring these types of mounts, as nearly all mounts have a range of sizes they can hold, depending on the hole pattern built into the monitor. There are several different ceiling mounts that will fit a 48-inch set, including the VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount. This mount will hold nearly all flat-panel sets up to 66 pounds, and offers 360 degree rotation and 30/15 degree backward/forward tilt, respectively.

If your 48-inch flat screen TV is slightly larger in weight, perhaps the M-Mount Rotation Adjustable Tilting Ceiling Mount is the best choice. This mount holds a huge variety of brands and sizes, and can support up to 110 pounds. The M-Mount also delivers 360 degree rotation, and 15 degree forward/backward tilt.

A ceiling mount for a 48-inch flat screen television can’t be too strong, especially considering the amount invested in most state-of-the-art TVs. If you only trust the best, then the Cheetah Tilt And Swivel Ceiling Mount is the perfect option. The range of motion is limited to 60 degree rotation, but this mount holds a whopping maximum of 165 pounds, making it perfect for those who wish to leave their television safe and secure, while still enjoying the benefits of a ceiling mount.

No matter how large your 48-inch flat screen TV might be, there will be a ceiling mount available online that is up to the task of securing it in a safe, reliable, and functional way. Don’t risk the security of your flat screen television, and choose a new ceiling mount from the selection here.