Alarm systems are great for scaring off intruders or at least getting emergency services to your home quickly. However, home alarm systems don’t record the incident taking place. If you want to have proof of what occurs during a home invasion or fire, then you need a security camera system. Most of these systems today are easy to install and come with the ability to watch them remotely from your computer or smartphone. To help give you an idea of what’s out there, we’re going to list a few ceiling mounted IP camera options in every budget.

Starting off we have the highly affordable Sony, CMOS 1200TVL. Sony makes only the highest quality technology and the CMOS 1200TVL is no different. This ceiling mounted IP camera can rotate 360-degrees and has 256 presets. It has auto white balance, night vision capabilities and auto-cruise which allows it to consistently rotate and scan a specific area. This camera is a great DIY options for residential or commercial installations.

Next we’re going to highlight a stealthy option that is surprisingly affordable. The SecureGuard, HD smoke detector camera is the perfect nanny cam. It mounts on the ceiling and looks like a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector. People behave differently when they know they’re being filmed, so if you want to see someone’s true colors, install a secret camera.

The Panasonic, BB-HCM527A is a professional grade ceiling mounted IP camera and comes with a professional grade price tag. This is a dome style camera that has a full range of tilt and swivel motion. What sets this camera apart from most security cameras is its built in high definition microphone. It’s not hard to install a ceiling mounted IP camera and not only will it give you peace of mind, but it can also mean an insurance discount from certain companies.