Organize your plug distribution system to efficiently run your electrical needs and meet your network’s specific needs with a ceiling mount power strip. With a power strip conveniently mounted on your ceiling, you avoid the inconvenience of cramping several power cords all over the room and running through different wires on the floors.

If you’re looking for a premium power strip, you can choose from the full range outlet cables of Furman, one of the leading brands today in professional power distribution. Furman offers advanced power strips that include Telco protection and power conditioning for surge suppression. Depending on your power requirement, you can select 6 or 8-outlet cable in compact design contained in sturdy aluminum chassis. With the 8-outlet power strip, you get an outlet bank that includes automatic extreme voltage shutdown designed to guard your equipment from dangerous wiring faults. It features a high level of power surge suppression and voltage fluctuations, perfect for professional use, DJ equipment, instrument rigs and home entertainment systems.

For power strips that are friendly on the pocket, you can check out the power strip surge protectors from MoKo, Iselector and Bestek. They have 5 standard port chargers that can handle peaks in power from your home and office electrical appliances like computers, TVs, printers, modems, speakers,etc. ISelector features USB charging ports compatible for all USB-powered devices like phones and MP3 players, while MoKo provides USB smart chargers for iPhone 6/6s, Samsung S6, S6 Edge and many more. Bestek, on the other hand, offers 8 surge-protected outlets with integrated circuit breaker for overload protection of all outlets. It also comes with 4 USB ports compatible with most smartphones and other mobile devices.

When choosing a ceiling mount power strip, make sure you are getting an outlet bank that is safe and reliable that gives you consistent peak performance, flexibility of distributing power, as well as ease of mind from power spikes, surges and voltage fluctuations.