A CD player with a dock for your phone? The future of listening to music at home is here, and Amazon can help you bring it home!

Jensen’s totally compact JiSS-120i Portable CD Music System has a docking port that can be used with your iPod or your iPhone! This lightweight but powerful CD player is fully programmable and will charge your device while docked. This little gem is small enough to move from room to room and powerful enough to bring the sound home.

The SC805 Portable MP3/CD Player from Supersonic is compact enough to carry with you and sharp enough to use as a single room device! This power packed little stereo plays cassettes, CDs, and has AM/FM capability, as well as a docking port for your iPod or iPhone! Detachable speakers and a standard SD card slot round out this box type system, and its clean lines and easy user interface make it a perfect choice!

When you set your eyes on RCA’s RS3081I CD Music System, you will not want to look away! The futuristic look of this amazing little system will make your friends green with envy! The bright orange LED display is easy to read, and the rotating dock for your iPod or iPhone are just two of this system’s fantastic features! This system will play your iPod or phone, CDs, or your favorite radio station with excellent sound quality!

Bring some boom to the room with Sony’s Desktop Stereo System! This compact and stylish little treasure will wow you with sound and function as you listen to all your favorite tunes! The docking port will play and charge not only your iPhone 5, 5th Generation iPod Touch, or 7th generation Nano, but will also play your favorite CDs and radio stations! A great gift idea for any occasion, this would also make an amazing housewarming or graduation gift!

Pump up the volume, dance to the beat, and find your groove with these amazing CD players! Come to Amazon and find the perfect system for you!