Since it began in 2009, Castle has remained one of the most popular crime drama TV series to air on network television. It stars Nathan Fillion as best-selling mystery author Richard Castle, who works with NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic, to solve unusual New York City crimes. This addictive series ties in humor and drama to create eight seasons of stories, and best of all, the show is still running. There are several ways to watch this Emmy-nominated series online.

For DVD collectors who want this series in their own collection, seasons one through seven are all available in full DVD sets. These sets include special features like outtakes, behind-the-scenes videos, and full-episode commentaries. The currently-airing season is not available on DVD, but within a year after it airs, you can certainly add it to your collection. The Castle season collections mainly have up to 24 full episodes each, except for the first season, which has 10.

Another option for Castle viewers is streaming the episodes. Online viewing allows you to buy single episodes or full seasons at a time so you to choose your viewing experience. If you’re a new Castle watcher and just want to try out one full episode before committing to the whole series, the pilot episode, “Flowers For Your Grave,” is available to buy individually.

If you love the first episode and want to keep going, there are several buying options for Castle full episodes. Each episode in each season is available for individual purchase, and they come in both HD and Standard Definition with a small price difference. And if you know you’re ready to watch the full season, each season can be bought at one time for one price and will be ready to stream right away. Best of all, new Castle full episodes can be bought online after they air on TV.

If you’re ready to binge one of the most clever crime drama on TV, buy Castle full episodes online today.