Keeping your electronics safe is the name of the game these days, because we all live and die by the calendars and access to email that our handheld electronic devices provide. When you’re spending a week’s paycheck on a pricey little toy that will fit in your pocket, you want to be absolutely sure that it is protected to their best of your ability to keep from dropping your phone and causing it to shatter and become useless.

When you are looking for cases for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with bling, you will have plenty of options that will let you add some personality and style to what can be a relatively basic and boring-looking electronic device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case, S-View Flip Cover Folio Case – Plum Red has a smart, interactive window that provides quick access to key features of your phablet as well as allows you to respond to incoming calls and alerts without opening your phone and risking a drop. A quick swipe across this case allows you to access the quick camera and video recorder as well as basic items such as the flashlight, heart rate monitor, favorite contacts, and settings. Add some bling with rhinestones that you can also purchase online for a very inexpensive price.

Looking for more glitter in cases for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with bling? The Love: Pink case from NSSTAR is a liquid flowing case that has the glitter baked right in. This line of cute and fun covers for your Galaxy Note will keep your phablet safe and sound and give you something to play with when Angry Birds has you bored. The humanized design makes the case incredibly useful with easy access to all buttons and perfectly-matched cutouts for camera, chargers and microphones.

Keep your smartphone or phablet safe and sexy when you get a case with bling.